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Somebody from the audience is requested to move any number of cubes (between 0 and 5) from the right end to the left end of the “MENTAL” stand. During this operation the magician turns his back on the audience. After the spectator has finished his “job” the magician reveals one of the cubes, and the number on the cube, corresponds to the number of moved cubes. This was easy; now let’s make it a little more difficult: The magician picks six cards. Each card has one letter printed on it from the word “MENTAL”. Prior to the spectator moving the cubes, the magician picks one of the cards. The spectator moves the cubes in the manner described above and then he reveals the card chosen by the magician. On the card is a letter, turning over the cube marked with that letter, reveals a number. This number corresponds with to the number of cubes moved. For the big finale the spectator himself picks a card, without looking at it, and then moves some cubes. The spectator reveals the card and the number written on the cube marked with the letter from the card, corresponds to the number of moved cubes. In spite of the fact that the cubes are small, since the letters size is big enough to be legible from distance, the effect can also be performed to a larger audience.

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